Fork Pockets Standard

Metal fabrication factories can be dangerous places, especially when it comes to the handling of scrap metal shards and pieces. Risks to workers who manually lift and handle scrap metal include strains and back injuries from improper lifting, to cuts and lacerations caused by falling or sliding sharp materials. We’ve invented a solution.

  • Keep your workplace clean, safe, and free of sharp scrap with SuperMag.

Tow Behind Kit

Keep debris at bay with the SuperMag Tow Behind Kit. The SuperMag Tow Behind Kit is great for uneven surfaces where the vehicle and the magnet need to function independently. From ATV/ORV trails to sports fields to vehicle test tracks, the SuperMag Tow Behind Kit is ideal for the cleanup phase after the fun is over. During the action, nuts and bolts rattle loose, bobby pins go missing, and random debris gets cultivated to the surface all becoming a headache in the form of a flat tire and other damages. All SuperMag Tow Behind Kits come standard with Michelin® X® Tweel®, so even the SuperMag is safe from flats.

Tow Behind Kit shown with optional SSL Mount

  • Uneven surfaces don’t phase the power of the SuperMag.

SSL Mount Skid Loader

The Standard Skid Steer Loader Mount fits hundreds of different machines and equipment. Ground-to-scrap-bin discharge is direct when used on a Skid Steer or ForkTruck. This exclusive feature is the fastest method for cleaning large lots of ferrous debris in highly covered areas.

  • Promote safety while lowering tire repair and maintenance costs.

3-Point Tractor

When front mount is not an option, a 3-Point Tractor Mount adapter is the ideal solution (NOTE: this option requires the Standard Skid Steer Loader Mount). The SuperMag 3-Point Tractor adapter works best with tractors or vehicles with large pneumatic tires that tend to bounce while driving at operating speeds.

  • When front mount is not an option.

Municipal Truck Mount

7 flat tires occur every second in the United States. That’s 220 million each year. County vehicles can experience flats at a pace of nearly one every two hours while working the shoulders for road maintenance and pothole campaigns.

Hours of downtime due to flats can equal miles of unmaintained roads. Stay on task with the SuperMag by STORCH.

  • Engineered and built to last generations.

Auxiliary Hydraulic PowerPac

Don’t have auxiliary hydraulic power quick couplers on your machine? No worries, the SuperMag Power Hydraulic Kit is available. The unit features a 12-volt deep cycle battery and an 110-volt 5-amp battery tender. The bi-directional hydraulic pump has a two quart reservoir and a weather resistant 25’ corded controller. JIC male fittings and two connection hoses make this kit easy to connect to your SuperMag.

The SuperMag Power Hydraulic Kit also has an optional solar charging panel on the top lid that is self charging when left outdoors. Visit our website for details.

  • The powder-coated and extreme duty 11-gauge steel box bolts directly to the top of all SuperMag models.

SuperMag 88

The world’s first self-cleaning permanent magnet engineered specifically to work in front of your vehicle.

The SuperMag 88 uses your existing Straight Blade snow plowing system, requires NO additional attachments, and is ideal for smooth or graded surfaces.

In the comfort of the cab, the operator can use a standard 4 button plow controller to raise and lower the SuperMag 88 assembly just like a snow plow blade using the existing up/down buttons. The plow hand controller left/right buttons cycle the hydraulic cylinder inside the housing which rotates the permanent magnet up and down.

The SuperMag 88 has an optimized magnetic strength-to-weight ratio maintaining a 670 lb. weight for the ability to mount to existing plow systems for medium duty jobs.

  • Remove hazardous ferrous metal debris from asphalt, concrete, grass, and gravel roadways

SuperMag Services

Our SuperMag is a great solution for a wide variety of uses. If you are interested in using the SuperMag for your organization, or you have questions about other services we offer, please contact us directly.