Get the right size for the job.

The SuperMag by STORCH is available in
several different widths: 110”, 96”, 88”, 72”, and 48” models.


  • Fork Pockets Standard
    Ideal for Factory Floors
  • Tow Behind Kit
    Ideal for Uneven Terrain and the Outdoors
  • SSL Mount Skid Loader
    A Solution that Fits Nearly Every Machine
  • 3-Point Tractor
    A Unique Solution for Rear Mounts
  • Municipal Truck Mount
    Engineered and Built to Stand up to State and County Vehicle Use
  • Auxiliary Hydraulic PowerPac
    No Quick Couplers on Your Vehicle? No Worries. Add Our SuperMag PowerPac

SuperMag 88
Front Mount Sweeper

The world’s first self-cleaning permanent magnet
engineered specifically to work in front of your vehicle.

Leading Brands Use SuperMag!

Storch Products Co., Inc., home of the world’s strongest magnets, is a worldwide leader in the development and innovation of magnetic equipment. Founded in Livonia Michigan in 1952, Storch has been leading the way in breakthrough magnetic solutions for a wide range of uses – from magnetic conveyors for manufacturing production lines to metal debris clearing on public hiking trails. Storch’s development of the SuperMag is a world leader in strength, reliability, weight and cost savings compared to traditional electromagnetic systems.

Storch understands the unnecessary costs and lost productivity associated with hazardous ferrous metal debris. Our team of magnetic experts can provide you with a SuperMag solution that will exceed your expectations in performance, reliability and will last for decades.



The SuperMag by Storch also is a great tool for picking up metal on shared places in our communities, like athletic fields, parks and hiking trails. Read more about how SuperMag is making our public spaces safer for everyone.